Power MOSFET Transistors

A Power MOSFET is a specific type of metal oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor that has been designed to handle large amounts of power. If it is compared to other power semiconductor devices, such as IGBT and Thyristor, it can be seen to have the advantages of higher commutation speed and better efficiency at low voltages. It must also be noted that the Power MOSFET has an isolated gate similar to IGBT. The Power MOSFET shares its operating principle with its low-power counterpart, the lateral MOSFET thanks to the development of CMOS technology in the late 1970’s.

Please Note: The Power MOSFET is used as a low-voltage (i.e. less than 200 V) and high-voltage (i.e. more then 500V) switch. It can be found in most power supplies, DC to DC converters, and low voltage motor controllers.


DMOS Transistors

The manufacture and sale of DMOS transistors and IGBT’s is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It supplies energy saving concepts and systems for industry, homes and E-car / E-bike applications. It also plays a large roll in the energy generating needs of wind and solar powered systems. DMOS transistors consistently offer high performance at a competitive price.

Due to the growing demand for DMOS Transistors, alpha europe and its business partners have identified the need for closer technological cooperation with the growing manufacturing market in Asia. This has meant that for the past 2 years alpha europe has been supplying the Asian market with high quality low price DMOS transistors, while offering a short delivery lead time and cost affective pricing. alpha europe has also been supplying the local European market since early 2010.

The alpha europe portfolio is continuously growing and will soon offer a complete spectrum of transistors from 20V till 900V and 350mA till 150A.

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